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~ Tuesday, June 5 ~


New interview with Andrew Scott

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~ Sunday, June 3 ~


Andrew and Mark’s lovely interview at the South Bank Arts Awards 

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~ Wednesday, May 30 ~

Andrew [Scott] as well. I adore him. I met him for the first time. I’d been to an audition and I was in Covent Garden and Mark was doing the Recruiting Officer at the Donmar and I walked around the corner, and sitting outside a café was Mark with Andrew, and I just went—Hiiii! And Mark was like, “Hello, Darling, come and sit down for a coffee?” and I was like, “Really!? Oh my god!” and [Andrew] got up and was like “Hello Amanda, I’ve never met you, you’re the only one I haven’t met” and I was like, “Hahaha!” and I was shaking! I was shaking! And it was pathetic. […] I’m a big stupid fan of his. I’m allowed. Martin says I’m allowed. I was such a fangirl. […] I love him [Andrew]. I love him! He’s just an amazing actor. […]

His other stuff is amazing. It’s great. Yeah I’m a big fan. I’ve got a t-shirt with him on it. It’s pathetic isn’t it? It’s grey and it’s got an outline of him going “Westwood”. And I’ve got one with Benedict and Martin as Peanuts characters. […] I’ve got another one that says… oh God, this is pathetic. I’ve got a red one that says “Honey, you should see me in a crown.” […] Martin says, “Please don’t wear them when you’re with me. Please.”

— Amanda Abbington on The Baker Street Babes Podcast (via imthestoryteller)
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~ Monday, May 28 ~

Andrew Scott being absolutely charming at the BAFTA’s Television Awards red carpet. [x]

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~ Sunday, May 27 ~


Interviewer: Who are you hoping to rub shoulders with tonight?

aka Joseph Gilgun and his continuing adoration of Andrew Scott

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Andrew Scott interview at the 2012 BAFTAs [x]

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And honey, you should see me with a BAFTA.
And honey, you should see me with a BAFTA.

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